6th Annual Day at the Lake a Huge Success   Leave a comment

Saturday, June 1st was the 6th annual “Day at the Lake” and it was a success!  This started in 2008 as an outing for the foster kids and their families from Lincoln County and has been expanded every year so that this year, we hosted the foster kids and families from Lincoln and Catawba Counties, a Communities in Schools program where this day was the incentive, a couple group homes and about 30 Montagnard children and their leaders.

This day is made possible through volunteers from the Denver Lake Norman Rotary Club, and hosted at Bob Hecht’s house in eastern Lincoln County, by Bob, Linda and their daughter Nicole, and we could not tell who had more fun, the kids and families or the hosts!

The schedule was shown from 10 AM to 5 PM, but the carloads started arriving about 9:40 AM.  We heard one story where the three foster kids in one house got up Saturday morning, did all their chores, then went in to wake up their foster parents to tell them it was time to go!  The kids look forward to this one day for months; last year the younger children had a “paper chain” and every morning they tore off a link in the chain so they would know just how many days were left.

All the week prior, kids asked their parents “is today Saturday yet?” and they were ready for the day!  The kids could learn to ski, take a pontoon boat ride on the lake, go fishing, swim in the pool or play on the beach or ride down the huge inflatable slide into the slide pool.  Lunch was burgers and hot dogs and the last count was 100 lbs burger and close to 200 hot dogs – with nothing left!

To work on a day like this, where your hard work is rewarded by all the smiles, and kids (and adults) coming to say “Thank You” and asking if we will do this again next year! Image


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